Wakeboard Australia is a rider-formed, family orientated association dedicated to the advancement and progression of wakeboarding in Australia.
No: Name Country  1 Shota Tezuka JPN 2 Parker Siegle AUS 3 Nic Rapa AUS 4 Elliot Digney AUS 5 Callan Starr AUS 6
No: Under 9 Girls State 1 India Allairs QLD 2 Stella Kennedy WA 3 Finn Pocock QLD 4 Matilda Oldfield VIC 5 Neve Boxer
Under 9 Girls 1st  Stella Kennedy Under 9 Boys 1st  Will Currey 2nd  Bryce Kyte 10-14 Girls 1st  Charlotte Mateljan 10-14 Boys 1st  Ben
Under 9 Boys 1st  Eli O’Brien 2nd  Finn O’Brein 3rd  Taj Towns 4th  Jake Young 5th  Ryder Vagg 10-14 Girls 1st  Abby Guinan 2nd 
Under 9 Girls 1st  Monique  Under 9 Boys 1st  Ollie Borroughs 2nd  Domenic Cook 3rd  Darcy Philip 10-14 Girls 1st  Chloe Siebert 10-14 Boys
Under 9 Girls 1st  Koa Marsden Under 9 Boys 1st  Tyler Byrne 2nd  Colby Smyth 3rd  Seth Marsden 10-14 Girls 1st  Shayne McMahon-Lee 10-14
Under 9 Girls 1st  Lily Marshall Under 9 Boys 1st  Tyler Byrne 2nd  Archie Connors 3rd  Colby Smyth 10-14 Girls 1st  Sienna Curran 2nd