Event Sanction Request

To comply with WAWA’s Risk Management Policy this agreement must be completed for all events.¬†Events include both competition and Division sanctioned training.

The following risk management key points are considered by the WAWA Board to be the minimum required for the safe conduct of an event.

First Aid and off Site Medical facilities.
  • Phone or radio communications for direct contact with emergency services
  • Accredited First Aid Officer or medical assistance on site or within 20 minutes travel.
  • First aid kit and spinal board on site for jump events.
  • A Safety Officer is appointed for the events.
Site checks to ensure a safe and hazard free environment.

Will include the following:

  • Removal of rubbish and hazards from waterway
  • Alert officials and skiers of hazards
  • Check boat ramp for hazards
  • Designated safety area
  • Approved personnel in safety/pick up boat
  • Effective communication between all judges, boats, towers and safety officer
  • Clear markings of any hazard
  • Check docks for any hazards
  • Check towers for hazards
  • Designated pick up/ safety boat on site
Refuelling area

As mandated by state guidelines. Will include the following:

  • No on water fuelling
  • No smoking or flammable sign in place
  • Approved fire extinguisher on site
  • Restricted area
Jumps and/or sliders

Will include the following:

  • Correctly secured and signage
  • Good contrast of colours
  • Check surface area for hazards, nails, gaps etc
  • Riders do not ollie onto sliders

I hereby acknowledge and certify that compliance with these minimum recommendations will be in place prior to the eventI understand a "match day" check list will need to be completed as close to the event as possible to ensure last minute hazards are identified and eliminatedI am aware of the WAWA Incident reporting form for any incidents during the eventI acknowledge that we are required to follow the WAWA branding guidelines for advertising the WAWA brand at all state, national and prize money eventsIf the branding guidelines are not followed, I understand that a $5000 bond will apply for future eventsI acknowledge that all cash prize events run and sanctioned by WAWA will have equal prize money for men & women podium positions and it is recommended that states/divisions/clubs follow the same rule