Wakeboard Australia is a rider-formed, family orientated association dedicated to the advancement and progression of wakeboarding in Australia.

Upcoming Events

There are events happening all around the country! Get in touch with your local club to find out more.

State bodies
No: Name Country  1 Shota Tezuka JPN 2 Parker Siegle AUS 3 Nic Rapa AUS 4 Elliot Digney AUS 5 Callan Starr AUS 6
No: Under 9 Girls State 1 India Allairs QLD 2 Stella Kennedy WA 3 Finn Pocock QLD 4 Matilda Oldfield VIC 5 Neve Boxer
Under 9 Girls 1st  Stella Kennedy Under 9 Boys 1st  Will Currey 2nd  Bryce Kyte 10-14 Girls 1st  Charlotte Mateljan 10-14 Boys 1st  Ben
Under 9 Boys 1st  Eli O’Brien 2nd  Finn O’Brein 3rd  Taj Towns 4th  Jake Young 5th  Ryder Vagg 10-14 Girls 1st  Abby Guinan 2nd 
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