Match Day Checklist

This form is to be used as close as practical to the event as possible. It does not replace the sanction request form, instead is to be used as a pre event check list to ensure the organiser has taken every step to eliminate any risk at the time of the event.

All competitors and officials are members of the WAWA.Event has been sanctioned by WAWASafety Officer on siteEvent to be run under WAWA/IWWF rules.First Aid kit availableStretcher availableCommunications and location of closest medical facility is listed.Safety boat and crew available stretcher availableChecks in place to ensure skiers or riders wear appropriate PFD's
Safe swimming area provided if required. No swimming in key active areasDesignated and safe parking area. Pot holes marked or filled inSeating/scaffolding secured and checked.Marquees, umbrella secured to prevent blowing awayPower leads all checked and markedSteps and landings all checked, not slippery etc.Area clear of broken glass, needles and other debris
Waterway inspected and visible obstructions removed or markedSwimming area and water access checked for broken glass bottles, debris etc.Known shallow areas clearly definedKnown underwater obstructions clearly markedChecks in place to ensure other users eg Boats are not placed at riskOn water equipment e.g. Slalom course, docks and jump checked for protrusions, gaps etc.On water structures correctly secured. Eg Towers , Jump, docks etc.
All boats to be registered and have skiers liability insurance.All drivers to be licensed in accordance with State rules.Boats to be refueled out of the water.Nominated refueling area with fire extinguisher on site.Event ropes and equipment to be checked for wear and tear.Boat ramp checked and marked for any hazards eg slippery surface.
Adequate refrigeration provided for perishablesAll white goods and equipment in safe working orderAll Health and Hygiene Regulations metJudges tower checked for any hazardsEvent ropes and equipment to be checked for wear and tear
A separate Risk Management plan to be submitted for night events
This check list has been completed and all identified hazards/risks have been addressedI am aware of the WAWA Incident reporting form for any incidents during the event.


‚ÄčThe match day check list is a further step in our commitment to Risk Management of our water ski and wakeboard events. It does not replace the event sanction request which is amandatory requirement. See the WAWA web site for details under Insurance.

The check list needs to be completed as close to the start of an event as possible. It provides a reliable method of identifying and managing risks and is a significant part of our Public Liability coverage and process.

Who should complete and sign the check list?

Two nominated officials over 18 years of age, if possible one the safety officer.

What is the process if a risk is identified.

If you have identified a risk it is important to document what actions have been taken to remove or highlighted the risk to all parties involved to avoid any accidents.e.g.

  • Eliminate the risk eg repairs to faulty dock, removal of debris.
  • Avoid the risk. Eg do not use that part of waterway or car park.
  • Identify the risk and ensure all parties are aware of the risk.
  • Accept the risk on the basis the likelihood of injury will be low.

Changing conditions over the event.

Be aware of changing conditions eg Storms that may require a second check of the site.

Will I be held responsible if I complete the “match day ” check list.

NO. By signing the check list you are stating that you have visually inspected the designated areas and declare them suitable for use. Legislation and Insurance exists to protect the nominated Officials who sign the check list.

What do I do with the completed match day check list.

All completed forms must be kept on file with the club or sent to the WAWA office for filing. It is recommended that these forms are kept for a minimum of seven years.